BMFA Club  Reg No.2092

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Website by Norris Management Ltd - Copyright 2010 /17


AFFILIATED TO THE BMFA No 2092       May 2018 Issue    

1.1. All members of the club must also be current members of the British Model Flying Association. All members must carry their membership card and proof of BMFA insurance. Spot checks will be carried out and any one not complying will be told to stop flying immediately.

2. All models and equipment must be checked before each flight by the pilot - Safety is all- important

3. From 01.01.2005 the club have used A PEG ON THE BOARD system for 35MHz. A peg will be attached to the appropriate frequency on the existing pegboard.  Please take care if using more than one frequency in any flying session. Spare pegs should be available in caravan.   (This does not apply to 2.4GHz users)

4. No flying over the pit / car parking area and no fly zones (see notice board). No combat flying.  Vehicles are restricted to the car park and not to be driven on harvested grass or pit area.

5. 35MHz  Frequency flags must be fitted to your antenna This will be enforced for safety reasons.   (Not applicable for 2.4GHz)

6. All IC models must have silencers fitted and noise levels must conform to 82dBs measured at 7 metres (the model held 1 metre above ground). If the model does not conform it will not be allowed to fly until it is modified and found to conform. Any member can ask for a check to be made on any model he considers to be noisy. A noise meter is available for this purpose.

7. Any model weighing more than 20kg. Must comply with the relevant CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY rules for both construction and flying.

8. All pilots must sign in before flying (book in clubhouse). A guest is allowed to fly only 4 times in any year and must be signed in by a member with proof of BMFA insurance obtained.

9. Flying is permitted for ic and electric from 09 AM. to dusk Monday to Saturday and Sunday 09 AM to 14.00 PM for IC and Electric. Then. Electric only 14.00 PM until dusk.

10. All members to fly from other approved sites only. (As prescribed by the BMFA Insurance)

11. The maximum number of adult club members will be generally limited to 60 plus limited number of Juniors

12. The Annual General meeting will be in December, existing members subscriptions can be paid on this day or by the last day of January or date stated at the AGM if unable to attend.  Any member joining after this date, members will pay the full amount whatever the time of  year that they join.

13. All future new members will pay the full amount at the beginning of the year and pro rata after May

14. Only pilots and helpers are allowed in pits/flight line.  No Mobile Phones allowed in pits/flight line area as they can cause a distraction, which could result in accident.

15. . It is recommended pilots should not fly by them selves for safety reasons (should an accident occur)

16. Only four (4) aircraft should be in the air at any one time. For safety reasons  

17. Children are the responsibility of the parent’s and failure to keep them under control will result in no admission of their children

18. Outer gates first one in pulls the chain and lock to the inside but not lock it, but scramble numbers. Last one out locks up and scramble the numbers. Any one not complying with these rules may lead to loss of membership. Rule 8 and 9. Especially!  


At BMFC, we take care to both look after our members and our neighbours. It is therefore most important that all members and their guests conform to a number of simple rules for everybody’s safety, comfort and continuing enjoyment.  The last thing that we want is anybody either getting hurt or the loss of our field by a minority of members causing annoyance to our neighbours.

We have therefore set out (to the right) our formal Club rules for your observance.   Our hobby is really fun (if a bit “white-knuckled” at times) so let us all enjoy ourselves and keep to the rules